Chief Operating Officer

HSE•AG is an internationally active service provider for system design and development with 20 years of experience in the life science and diagnostics industry. The team at HSE•AG is combining expertise of science and technology, and a deep understanding of molecular analysis to simplify automated workflows. HSE•AG product developments and OEM platforms are mostly focused on all applications around nucleic acid analysis, particularly in amplification (PCR) and sequencing (NGS). We are currently looking for a

Chief Operating Officer (COO) (Member of the company’s management)

As member of the management team you are responsible for all of HSE•AG’s customer project fulfillment operations, including project management, industrialization, quality- and life cycle management.
Your role will be

  • Leading a team of 10-12 of experts and managers
  • Full responsibility for the successful management of all our client’s projects.
  • Setting up a lean multi project management and resourcing as a business tool
  • Continuous improvement and automation of the company’s business processes in alignment with the stakeholders
  • Work with existing clients to identify new business opportunities along their specific needs
  • Supervising the execution of our policy deployment program
We are looking for a talented applicant and will consider your application depending on your background and experience:  
  • Academic degree as engineer or scientist from a leading university
  • A minimum of 10 years’ leadership experience in a major life sciences or in-vitro diagnostics company or a respective tech start up leadership role.
  • Experience in devising and implementing complex automated workflow solutions involving analysis, conceptualization and communication of technical solutions
  • Superior problem-solving skills and ability to work well under pressure in a demanding environment
  • Entrepreneurial, fact-oriented, curious, creative, open to new things and able to propose innovative ideas
  • A proven leader with drive and commitment
If you are passionate and interested in science and technology, and want to have impact with a business value-driven perspective, we believe HSE AG is the best place to be. Please send your resume electronically to our recruitment partner: Mr. Thomas Rilke from Stellenwerk AG,
Ihre Ansprechperson:
Herr Thomas Rilke
+41 44 365 77 44