Fabienne Parpan

Branch Manager Chur

Engineering, production, development

Raised in the Canton of Grisons. Successfully completed an apprenticeship as an administrator EFZ E-Profile (Swiss Certificate of Competency) in public administration. Subsequently, permanent employment as an administrator in public administrations. Other responsibilities include drawing up of contracts and execution of legal transactions. In 2012, linguistic stay abroad in Canada. From 2013 to 2015 degree course with an internship as a registered nurse HF (Swiss National Higher Education Diploma), at the BGS (Training Centre for Health and Social Affairs) in Chur. Started her business studies in 2018.

Employed at Stellenwerk since June 2015.

Professional Experience

2015 - prese

Junior Consultant

Stellenwerk AG, Zurich / Switzerland

2014 - 2015

Internship as Registered Nurse

Training in the long-term and acute sector (during Studies)

2012 - 2013

Internship as Registered Nurse

At a station for geropsychiatric patients, long-term and acute sector (entrance requirement for further schooling)


Snow Sport Coach (Skiing)

Swiss Snow Sport School, Lenzerheide / Switzerland

2011 - 2012

Land Registry Clerk (Office Clerk)

Land Registry, Tiefencastel / Switzerland

2008 - 2011

Commercial Training (E-Profile)

Land Registry, Tiefencastel / Switzerland


2017 - prese

Business Economist HF

IbW Höhere Fachschule (Higher Technical School) South Eastern Switzerland, Chur/Switzerland


Personell Assistant

IbW Höhere Fachschule (Higher Technical School) South Eastern Switzerland, Chur/ Switzerland

2013 - 2015

Registered Nurse HF

BGS Training Centre for Health and Social Affairs, Chur/ Switzerland


Successful completion of intermediate level 2 English course during 4 month long stay abroad.

Global Village Vancouver, Vancouver / Canada

2008 - 2011

Certificate of competency, further training as an administrator

Business School KV, Chur / Switzerland