Stellentitel Funktionsbereich Arbeitsregion Arbeitspensum
LeiterIn Operations und HR HR, Personal Zürich 100%
SachbearbeiterIn Saläradministration (100 %) HR, Personal Zürich 100%
Head Platform Projects Technik, Produktion, Herstellung Zürich 100%
SachbearbeiterIn Personaladministration (60%, Try & Hire) HR, Personal Zürich 60%
Kaufmännische/r Mitarbeiter/in im Verkaufsinnendienst Verkauf, Beratung, Strategie Graubünden 100%
Senior HR Business Partner (Try and Hire, per sofort) HR, Personal Zürich 100%
Chief Operating Officer Technik, Produktion, Herstellung Zürich 100%
Buchhalter/in 100 % Finanzen, Rechnungswesen, Planung, Controlling Graubünden 100%
LeiterIn Personal (100%) HR, Personal Zentralschweiz 100%
Sachbearbeiter Verkaufsinnendienst 100 % ab 1.März 2018 oder nach Vereinbarung Verkauf, Beratung, Strategie Zürich 100%
Schweisser 100 % Technik, Produktion, Herstellung Graubünden 100%
Junior Systembetreuer/in 100 % (WMWare) IT, Telekom Ostschweiz 100%
PersonalassistentIn / HR GeneralistIn (100 %, temporär bis März/April 2018) HR, Personal Graubünden 100%
PraktikantIn / Personaladministration (80 - 100%) für den Einstieg ins HR HR, Personal Zürich 100%
Technische/r Verkäufer/in 100% Verkauf, Beratung, Strategie Graubünden 100%
MitarbeiterIn im technischen Einkauf 100 % Einkauf, Materialwirtschaft, Qualität, Logistik Graubünden 100%
Polymechaniker CNC-Drehen 100% Technik, Produktion, Herstellung Graubünden 100%
SachbearbeiterIn Auftragsabwicklung / Import 100% Einkauf, Materialwirtschaft, Qualität, Logistik Graubünden 100%
Kaufmännische/r Mitarbeiter /in Verkaufsinnendienst 100 % Verkauf, Beratung, Strategie Ostschweiz 100%
RegionalleiterIn (100%) HR, Personal Zürich 100%

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Why Stellenwerk?

To bring people together, it needs mutual trust, openness and honesty, combined with discretion. On this basis you can expect a number of things from us. we can rely on our broad contact network in business. We, at Stellenwerk, know the employment market very well. We know the most commonly offered salary on the market.

 Your job search have been left in experts hands with us and involve far more than just a simple placement. Thus we support you, for example in optimizing your CV, or in an interview training session - before the job interview. These services are part of our service to our clients and are available at no cost. The Stellenwerk-Team will be happy to provide you with any further information as well as comprehensive advice with our „pimpmycareer“ – Service

Stellenwerk assisted me long term and determinedly. The optimal preparations for the Interview process have been of great support.

Davor Atanaskovic, Logistics Specialist

Stellenwerk accompanied me efficiently with three important situations in the international marketing industry as a professional. Through competence and individual consultation, my dream position was found and I was successfully placed.

Pekka Blanc, Marketing Executive

Why choose Stellenwerk? Their experience, as well as their professional assistance, has furthered me in my occupation.

Regula Dettling, HR Specialist

Mit Hand, Herz und Kopf. Das ist für mich Stellenwerk.

Sabina Hitz

Thank you for a great and successful recruitment process. I have always received professional assistance from Stellenwerk. I found tips and briefings for the Interview process to be very useful and motivational. "STELLENWERK" has exceeded my expectations. I can gladly recommend "STELLENWERK".

Herr Kounik, Application Developer

I was impressed by the personal high professionalism and competency. The main focus was to find the best-suited vacancy for me. The fact that even after placement, I could contact them with any questions sets them apart from the rest. Their personal touch makes them a cut above the rest!

Tiana Steinhoff, PR Processes & Marketing

After over one year of job hunting on my own accord, I have Stellenwerk to thank for their support enabling me to work in my former qualified field. Thanks to the great consultation and coordination with potential employers, Stellenwerk provided me with my new job opportunity.

Richard Casty, Draughtsman

Stellenwerk managed to find me my dream job in my dream location. High praise and thank you very much!

Michael Kuster, Production Planner

The professional support and experience are an added bonus at Stellenwerk!

Oliver von Wartburg, Head of ICT

Through Stellenwerk and the recruiting partner, I was able to experience an impeccable application process strengthened by personal and professional support.

Raphael Bir

Thank you for your support, your useful tips, motivation and especially for assisting me in finding the perfect challenge. The collaboration with you was a pleasure and very professional. Compliments to the Stellenwerk Team!

Magdalena Smilowska, Recruitment Coordinator