«Stellenwerk is a highly reliable partner in many HR areas. It always surprises with good suggestions and is very efficient in processing. It knows how to respond to the requests, accompanies the process fully and even supports beyond the completion. A very fair partner that we would not want to miss out on.»

Winterthur Gas & Diesel

«Quality, flexibility and efficiency are the distinct key elements of working with Stellenwerk. We really appreciate their uncomplicated and individual solutions as well as their wide approach as a company.»


«A very well established, flexible and competent team. In our environment it sometimes gets hectic on a very short nptice, Stellenwerk actively supported us during these times and guided us very professionally.»

Albert Spiess

«Kompetent – professionell – effizient – zuverlässig – so kennen wir Stellenwerk seit vielen Jahren! Mit der Unterstützung von Stellenwerk konnten wir schon viele wichtige Stellen im kaufmännischen Bereich besetzen und auch kurzfristige Personalausfälle mit geeigneten Personal überbrücken. Wir schätzen die vertrauensvolle, unkomplizierte und erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit Stellenwerk sehr. »

Verit Immbilien AG

«Reliability, competence and service orientated all in one location: Stellenwerk is the ideal partner for us. They have steadily provided us with suitable hostesses. »

Etavis AG

«We have come to know and appreciate Stellenwerk as a customer-oriented and uncomplicated partner when filling temporary positions. The pragmatic approach and fast reaction times were particularly convincing - plus points that are important when it comes to bridging bottlenecks.»


«Fast, flexible and performance orientated. That is what makes Stellenwerk the favoured HR consulting company of Ducati Switzerland. Stellenwerk knows exactly what it means to bring people together in the most positive way.»

MotorImport AG

«"We highly appreciate their competence, their professionalism and their strong customer service. Overall, it was a very cooperative, interesting and successful working relationship with Stellenwerk."»

Tecan Schweiz AG

«Since our founding, Stellenwerk has been the Partner when it comes to payroll and personnel administration. We appreciate their competence, reliability and flexibility. For us, as a childcare center, the human factor plays a central role within a collaboration. With that said, we can continually rely on the consultations and collaborative work provided by Stellenwerk.»

Joey Kinderkrippe

«In various meetings, Stellenwerk recognised our needs and presented us with a variety of top candidates. We were very pleased with the recruitment process and the optimal outcome. Our collaboration was open, constructive and productive. Stellenwerk is an impressive recruitment company and will remain in the future a good and important partner for us.»


«Looking for an exceptional specialist combining IT and finance, Stellenwerk has supported us with research in the best possible way. They met our requirements quickly and efficiently and intensively dealt with the profile. Apart from the technical side, they also took the interpersonal relationship into consideration. Within a short period of time, we were presented with potential candidates. »


«To fill our vacancies we rarely use the services of a recruitment agency. The only exception is Stellenwerk. With their support, we have been able to fill important vacancies with high professional competency and experienced candidates successfully. I highly value the competent candidate suggestions and willingness within our working relationship. Thinking outside of the box and presenting an unconventional, but also characteristically appropriate Dossier. We look forward to working further together with Stellenwerk AG.»

Lamprecht AG

«Looking for an exceptional specialist combining IT and finance, Stellenwerk has supported us with research in the best possible way. They met our requirements quickly and efficiently and intensively dealt with the profile. Apart from the technical side, they also took the interpersonal relationship into consideration. Within a short period of time, we were presented with potential candidates. The interviewed candidates exceeded our expectations. Within two months we were able to fill a high-profile vacancy. The vast network of specialists at Stellenwerk aided in filling this vacancy. It is without a question that we will consider engaging Stellenwerk for our future recruitment needs.»

DB City Nightline

«The collaboration with Stellenwerk provides lightens the load, when it comes to filling vacancies with competent, courteous hostesses for our exhibition shows. Our work together is based on trust, with the knowledge that we can fully rely on reputable and reliable support. Our guests are taken care of during our exhibitions and are welcomed by sincere hostesses with a readiness to help.»

Clientis Regionalbank of Zurich

«"A pleasant cooperation, professional consultancy, suitable selection of candidates, clear application documents, short waiting periods, efficient negotiations, consideration of the needs of our company... ....for that reason we are presented with the best candidates for the right vacancy at the right time. Keep it up!"»

Warner Bros. (Transatlantic) Inc.

«Working together with Stellenwerk AG has been successful since the very beginning. Stellenwerk always executed the assigned queries efficiently and with great commitment. The suggested employees are well suited, one can see that Stellenwerk takes all the requirements for the respective position into consideration. We would especially like to mention that even when Stellenwerk is faced with a tricky situation, they are always capable and readily offer professional, flexible resolutions.»

HP Inc.

«Through quality, customer orientation and individual solutions, Stellenwerk offers real added value»


«We place great emphasis on personal contact, reliable and efficient consulting and appreciate the uncomplicated and professional collaboration with Stellenwerk.»

USTER Technologies

«Stellenwerk has been our preferred personnel consultant. Stellenwerk understands our motto: "Your concern, our mission!" Our requests and expectations are professionally implemented. The same which applies to us also applies to Stellenwerk in that the individual and quality are the main focus. We can recommend Stellenwerk anytime.»

Waldspurger AG

«For the occupation of specific positions, we work selectively together with external personnel service providers on a mandate basis. Professionalism, competence as well as mutual trust is important to us. Stellenwerk AG meets these requirements. This is how we were able to occupy key vacancies optimally. The professional service never ceases to persuade us.»

Baxter AG

«Stellenwerk AG has become a reliable, competent and goal-oriented Partner for us over the past few years in the temporary work sector. We particularly appreciate the confidential, customer-oriented and efficient collaboration. Professionalism, as well as high ethical and moral quality standards, are equally important to Optima Personal and Stellenwerk AG.»

Optima Versicherungsbroker AG

«The most important foundation for any company is their staff. Stellenwerk supports us in the recruitment and selection process in a sustainable manner. The "girl-power" at Netstream, increased significantly thanks to Stellenwerk.»

Netstream AG

«In a difficult situation, Stellenwerk assisted us with lots of professionalism, competence and commitment in the recruitment process of an important key position. Their individual and personalised service was excellent.»

Bener Park Chur

«Stellenwerk helped us finding a temporary replacement due to unexpected circumstances. As a result, we won over a motivated new employee.»

Landquart AG

«The Stellenwerk team is a valued business partner because they have grasped the values of Lyreco and suitably placed candidates. Their flexibility as a service provider stands in the foreground.»


«In a dried up market, Stellenwerk has successfully filled vacancies with the right qualified personnel.»

K. Müller

«Stellenwerk was professionally impeccable, uncomplicated and flexible with filling posts for IT / engineering specialists and personnel for Sales Support. They assisted us effectively and efficiently. We can definitely recommend their services.»

Amberg Group Ltd.

«Die Unterstützung durch Stellenwerk bei der Besetzung von Temporärstellen sowie bei der Kader Selektion ist geprägt von einer unkomplizierten, flexiblen und lösungsorientierten Zusammenarbeit die stets das Ziel im Fokus hatte. Sehr effizient.»

Calanda Gruppe

«Stellenwerk unterstützt uns punktuell bei der Rekrutierung von Schlüsselpositionen. Hierbei überzeugt uns die schnelle Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit, der pragmatische Ansatz und die hohe Kundenorientierung.»


«Die Zusammenarbeit mit Stellenwerk AG war für uns eine gute Erfahrung. Mit der vorgestellten longlist und der Prozesssteuerung waren wir sehr zufrieden. Zudem hat uns Stellenwerk bei Planung und Durchführung der Interviews optimal unterstützt und beraten. Speziell erwähnen möchten wir, dass Stellewerk stets in der Lage war, auf unsere spezifischen Bedürfnisse rasch und unkompliziert einzugehen.»

Link Institut

«Als junges Unternehmen sind wir auf verlässliche und initiative Mitarbeiter angewiesen, um mit den zur Verfügung stehenden Ressourcen das Optimum für unsere Kunden zu erzielen. Stellenwerk hat uns geholfen, in kurzer Zeit die Vakanz ideal zu besetzen. Der Rekrutierungsprozess war effizient und professionell, wir fühlten uns perfekt betreut.»


«Für uns als Start-up ist eine unkomplizierte, zeitnahe und flexible Beratung entscheidend, weswegen wir bei der Personalsuche stets auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Stellenwerk vertrauen. Besonders schätzen wir an Stellenwerk die verschiedenen Fachkompetenzen der Berater, die transparente Arbeitsweise, die angenehme Zusammenarbeit und die Berücksichtigung der Bedürfnisse unseres Unternehmens. Dank Stellenwerk ist es uns möglich in kürzester Zeit nicht nur fachlich kompetente, sondern auch zum Team passende neue Mitarbeiter zu finden.»

Kenzen AG

«Stellenwerk überzeugt uns mit schneller Reaktionszeit und den jederzeit relevanten Profilen. Wir spüren, dass Stellenwerk nicht einfach platzieren will, sondern aktiv mitdenkt und unser Unternehmen versteht.»

SD Worx

«In Stellenwerk haben wir einen kompetenten und engagierten Partner gefunden, der uns bei der Rekrutierung von einigen spezifischen Positionen professionell unterstützt hat. Unser persönliches Verhältnis basiert auf gegenseitigen Vertrauen, Wertschätzung und Respekt. Wir schätzen die stets angenehme und zielorientierte Zusammenarbeit. »

INTEGRA Biosciences AG

«Professionell, kundenorientiert und unkompliziert. So haben wir die Zusammenarbeit mit Stellenwerk in den letzten Jahren erlebt. Dank der Unterstützung durch Stellenwerk ist es gelungen – auch unter grossem Zeitdruck - wichtige Kaderstellen im Careum Bildungszentrum erfolgreich zu besetzen.»

Careum Stiftung

«Schnelle und effiziente Lösungen bei Personalengpässen in unserer Produktion – da hilft Stellenwerk. Wir schätzen die unkomplizierte sowie freundliche Zusammenarbeit mit Stellenwerk sehr.»

Georg Fischer

««Durch die professionelle Beratung und Unterstützung von Stellenwerk konnten wir eine kaufm. Stelle rasch mit der richtigen Person besetzen und dabei unseren Arbeitsaufwand tief halten - für uns ein echter Mehrwert!»»

Kinder-Spitex Kanton Zürich

«Die Stellenwerk-Berater sind Profis in ihrem Metier. Sie verstehen es – nebst den fachlichen Anforderungen – vor allem ausserordentlich gut, die kulturellen Elemente zu erfassen und finden für uns die passenden Schlüsselpersonen. Die Zusammenarbeit ist geprägt von hoher Professionalität, Engagement, Zuverlässigkeit und gutem Humor.»

Swissport International Ltd.

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