You have to dismiss long-term employees or executives and you would like to have them supported by external specialists. We assisted them and evaluate new possibilities on fair and transparent terms.

Since our founding, Stellenwerk has been the Partner when it comes to payroll and personnel administration. We appreciate their competence, reliability and flexibility. For us, as a childcare center, the human factor plays a central role within a collaboration. With that said, we can continually rely on the consultations and collaborative work provided by Stellenwerk.

Looking for an exceptional specialist combining IT and finance, Stellenwerk has supported us with research in the best possible way. They met our requirements quickly and efficiently and intensively dealt with the profile. Apart from the technical side, they also took the interpersonal relationship into consideration. Within a short period of time, we were presented with potential candidates. The interviewed candidates exceeded our expectations. Within two months we were able to fill a high-profile vacancy. The vast network of specialists at Stellenwerk aided in filling this vacancy. It is without a question that we will consider engaging Stellenwerk for our future recruitment needs.

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